Pride of Doherty Craft Fair

From the Director of Doherty High School Bands


Doherty High School band program has 120+ students enrolled.  We offer many opportunities and ensembles for students to participate in, including Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band, Percussion Ensemble, Color Guard, and Small Ensembles.  We have a strong tradition of providing a positive learning experience with the thrill of competition.  Our members have the opportunity to learn musician skills as well as life skills, such as hard work, dedication, self-discipline, self-motivation, group dynamics, and teamwork.  As the individual learns and masters their responsibility, the whole team shares in the accomplishments. 

That is what we have here at Doherty; a team.  However, the competitive focus is not on winning, it is on the product.  One of our sayings goes:  Be better.  Better than yesterday, better than last week, better than last year.  With the focus put on the product and improvement, students can enjoy the process of learning, whether it is on the marching field, in the basketball stands, or on the concert band stage.  However, we are constantly pushing to see just how much improvement we can get!

Whether we are spending hours and hours practicing, participating in fundraisers, going on bus trips to performances, or just hanging out in the band room, there is a sense of loyalty to the program.  Not only do we have great band students, we have great young men and women that are interested in being a part of something special.  At Doherty, we have that something special. 

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